Stone is a highly durable, time tested material and requires very low care and maintenance. Here are some general recommendations and tips to ensure your stone has lasting beauty


  • Ensure proper sealant has been applied after installation. Impregnating sealer is recommended, which penetrates in the stone surface to protect it against moisture, dirt and stain.
  • Granite sealers typically last 15 years but general recommendation for high traffic areas is to reseal once every 5-10 years depending on the porosity of the granite used.
  • Conduct Water test to determine if stone needs to be resealed. Sprinkle some water on the granite. If water beads form on the granite, no resealing is required at the moment. If water soaks or darkens the granite, it is time to apply sealant. Make sure you clean your surface before applying sealant.


  • Granite does not host bacteria due to its high density. It does not react to acid and does not stain easily. This makes maintenance a piece of cake! In order to avoid weakening the sealant, however, use non-acidic cleaners, soap and water wipe downs and avoid abrasive cleaning tools
  • Marbles may scratch, stain more easily than granite. Make sure you used a hard marble for countertops and high traffic areas. Clean spills quickly and avoid placing hot cooking pans on marble surfaces.
  • Quartz does not require any sealant. Cleaning it is as simple as Granite surfaces. Use mild soap and water, washcloths and avoid abrasive cleaners